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Great art from great artists :)




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Just Val.
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*-This artist will most likely hate you if you're the kind of people that favourite and leaves. Please

leave your opinion in a comment,

it makes us artists feel appreciated, actually. If you enjoy the artwork, you should take some time to express it, you don't how an idea of how beautiful is to receive a comment<3 Show some deviant love!-*

Need to ask anything? Here:

Read my Total Drama comic Eastwood!

Just, you know, the lives of our beloved 17-year-old teenagers from Total Drama, living the teenage life. And yeah, just like always, Gwen's the new girl moving to Canada - yeah, it's cliché, I get it. Idc<3



Tuesday by GwennieBlack
Just the little love story of two passengers.
There are a lot of grammar mistakes but I'm just too lazy to fix 'em.

Wonder how many of you hate me after reading the ending...
This story was based on true events:…
Geez I'm a tragic motherfucker.
Everything Is Permitted by GwennieBlack
Everything Is Permitted
Well, Alejandro kind of reminded me of Ezio and I imagined him as a Spanish assassin, so...yeah.
And Heather would probably be a Templar and they'd have like a forbidden love then they'd kill each other.
I'd like to write a fanfiction for this one but nothing's coming to my mind anyway.
Total Drama Swapped by GwennieBlack
Total Drama Swapped
Well, I don't know what to say. This took about one week to do, and lots of fun imagining how the caracters would turn out ot be!
I don't know if it needs explanation, I mean it pretty much explains itself, but here it goes anyway: what would everyone look like if they swapped personalities? As you can see everyone has their right hair, skin and eyes colour, but they dress and pose differently. Basically Trent is still Trent but likes everything Gwend likes and viceversa. Duncan is still Duncan but he's all into academics and stuff while Courtney's into rebellion.
In some cases I changed their bodies: Izzy is as fat as Owen (and Owen as fit as Izzy –isn't it just WEIRD to look at him? Whoa– and Katie's as fat as Sadie because I considered their eating habits are part of their personalities. On the other hand, I considered LeShawna's body structure's like that, big-boned, just like Harold was born scrawny.
Or whatever.
I might do a couple more pictures with some of them. Like Trent drawing Gwen as she was swimming, back in camp.
Hope you like it! I have a couple more ideas to show you next time.
The Sucky Outdoors by GwennieBlack
The Sucky Outdoors
(i suck at titles)

'Hey there', she heard a voice behind her say, when suddenly someone sat by her side. 'Want some fish?'
It was Trent. Taken by surprise, she drew her journal to her chest in order to hide what she had just written down on it, hoping Trent wouldn't feel offended by this. 
'Oh, uh, sure', she replied, trying to regain stability after she was surprised by his sudden apparition as she grabbed the stick with a piece of fish in its end that Trent was handing to her. 'My stomach's eating itself.'
'Tell me about  it', he said, taking a bite of his fish, 'it isn't exactly sushi, will do for tonight.'
She just smiled and ate her fish in silence, eyes locked on the ground. It was still awkward to be around Trent after what had happened three nights ago. She still couldn't get over it and had been trying to hide from him ever since. It was embarassing just knowing he knew what she thought of him.
'Anyways', he continued, trying to make conversation, 'what were you up to?'
'Uh, nothing!', she answered, blushing, pressing the journal agains her chest. 'Just here, uh, killing time, you know. Until we can go back to camp...'
'Oh, yeah. It's going to, a long night.'
She didn't know what to answer, so she just decided to remain silent. She didn't want to keep screwing it up. She had never been particularly good at smalltalking, let alone talking to the guy who you have a huge crush on –and he totally knows it.
She wished she could say something, but it would not come out alright. That was just her luck.
Trent stared at the sky, trying to think of something to say to break that awkward silence. He spotted the Big Dipper above. Just a couple nights before, during the Awakethon, they were having such a good time; Gwen would talk to him normally about whatever stuff would go through her mind. Heather had screwed everything up for both of them. Now Gwen wouldn't say anything to him, because she's embarassed, he guessed...he just wished there was something he could say to make her just forget it had happened, so they could talk like they had been talking ever since they met.
"Fuck it", he thought.
'Look', he started, 'I know...shit has happened, okay? I, uh...feel bad for you. What Heather did was so not cool.'
"Great", Gwen thought as she sank her head between her shoulders "He brought it up..."
'But I feel like...we can move on from it, right? I mean, we were kinda getting along before and I'd like that to continue. You and I, we, uh, we understand each other, y'know what I mean?', he said, looking at her, expecting a reply.
After a few seconds, feeling Trent's stare on her skin, she dared to look into his eyes. She tried to avoid crying; it was such a stressful situation. She wanted to dig up a hole in the ground and bury her head on it.
His eyes seemed sympathetic and true. Her eyes locked into his as he spoke.
'And truth be told, I do miss talking to you. I've felt lonely ever happened.'
His words made Gwen's heart miss a beat, and echoed in her head. He was missing her. 
'And, if it song was kind of a reveal, too. So I guess we're even', he tried to joke, smiling at her. She looked so scared and nervous he just wanted to hold her until she relaxed and came back to be the sarcastic girl he knew and liked so much.
'Yeah, we are, I think', she replied after a while, smiling coyly at him. He beamed at her response.
'So...want some fish?' 

I was bingewatching the first season from the start to pick some ideas –while waiting for Dragon Age Inquisition to install ALSDHGBAOADFHNDAFLHNDAFH I'M GONNA HAVE AN AMAZING SUMMER– and came up with this one while watching The Sucky Outdoors. idk I think I'm really into making Gwent pictures during the Island era.
Rewatching the series made me think of some questions like, what would've happened if Gwen had developed feelings for Duncan first in the Island, then broken up with him, then fallen in love with Trent? I might be using that for a picture or an oneshot later.
And idk, I kind of wanted to write a little oneshot for the picture. I've done that before and it's fucking entertaining.
So, uh, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I was going to make a Christmas-y picture but it felt forced and that's just not the way I like it, so...I don't know. I like this drawing! Think I did a good job. What do you think?
Love you!
(trent's hand looks so weird. tried to change it. looked weird eitherway.)
Life with Duncan by GwennieBlack
Life with Duncan
It's been some always, I can't say I will be back more often, but I can try, right?
So the other day I went on a nostalgia trip back to my teenage years, and I watched an episode of one of my favourite shows when I was 13, Life with Derek. And I started to think "Casey is so Courtney, like, she's too obsessive and likes rules and order...and Derek's always trying to find the way to annoy Duncan!"
And then my genius brain found the answer to every question: Courtney and Casey begin with the same letter just like Derek and Duncan. I bet they are based on the step-siblings(?)
And I don't know, uh, I came up with this. Like it? Yeah, it's kinda trashy.
See ya fellas!
(I still have mixed feelings about dA's new logo.)


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Yes, I know you don't give a fuck about it.
I just wanted to let you lovelies know that I have signed up into the wonderful world of!
This is not the first time, though. I used to have an account there before this one. But anyways.
If you're interested in reading Total Drama fanfictions, well, this servant is working on one at the moment and would really, really like your opinion about her stories.…
So check it out if you're interested n_n love you guys, see you around!
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